Tire Racks

Prince tire racks are built to last. Featuring heavy-duty steel with an integrated base plate as well as welded power coated tube construction, our rack system is just built better.  Both civilian and military tarmacs are not gentle environments, and we build racks that withstand the constant abuse of the busy 24/7 workplace.  Our rack system is fully modular that allows our end-users to build and maintain a system customized to their application. Racks are sold as single starting racks and then expanded thorough the addition of connector kits. 

An important distinction between our rack system and others on the market is the inclusion, on all racks, of the capability to add caster kits.  These kits allow for the racks to be moved freely without disassembly. Our caster system adds very little height as the casters rachet up and down. Because our Prince Racks feature a base plate, the tires rest off the tarmac and on the plate. The heavy-duty locking caster kits are sold as a kit either for the end racks or for expansions.

Critical Details

We offer Connector kits of various lengths (13″to 37″) allowing you to customize the width of your tire rack.

Finish: Powder coated with Prince high visibility red, but with other colors available.

Shipping: Shipped on pallets.  F.O.B.  Prince Service & Manufacturing, Macon, GA

#32501:  Tire Rack End (48” L x 40” H)
#32502:  Tire Rack End (24” L x 20” H)

#32503: Tire Rack Connector Kit (13″)
#32505: Tire Rack Connector Kit (15″)
#32507: Tire Rack Connector Kit (17″)
#32509: Tire Rack Connector Kit (22″)
#32511: Tire Rack Connector Kit (24″)
#32513: Tire Rack Connector Kit (30″)
#32515: Tire Rack Connector Kit (32″)
#32517: Tire Rack Connector Kit (37″)
#32519:  Caster Kit End
#32521:  Caster Kit Connector