Since 1965 the Prince name has been synonymous with quality metal work. Servicing the customer with a superior product on time has been an unchanging goal for the company from its humble beginnings in founder Joe Prince's garage as Prince Sheet Metal to its current state as a cutting edge business employing over 100 skilled workers and utilizing multiple facilities equipped with state of the art machinery. While the look and size of the company has changed, its goals and underlying focus have not, to serve our customers.

Founded originally around a business model of fast response to local industry shut down work and providing an array of metal fabrication to support the community and satisfy the customer, Prince Sheet Metal earned a hard-fought reputation as being willing to serve. This approach has been passed down through generations and is now also applied to production run parts with an equal sense of urgency, accountability and reliability at each of its two current locations. Prince Service and Manufacturing (PSM) focuses on heavy metal fabrication and industrial service work, targeting a similar market as the original company. Prince Precision Products is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility that started in 2008 to focus on larger volume sheet metal fabrication. The two facilities complement each other well and the resulting organization is one that has the flexibility, skill and manpower to provide solutions to nearly any problem in the metal fabrication industry across the southeastern United States.

At Prince we value partnerships forged over time. We maintain focus on our customers and strive to be the company our customers turn to when they have a problem, understanding that satisfied customers come back again and again to do business. For any metal parts ranging from intricate, tight tolerance machining to heavy plate fabrication of large weldments, we want to be that trusted partner you turn to. If quality, performance, and dependability are important to your business, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and prove our commitment to the legacy started by Joe Prince, continued by his son Joey Prince his grandson Art Prince. At Prince, every job is an opportunity to live up to a legacy of quality that has been around since 1965.

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