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With over 160,000 square feet of production floor at two separate facilities, Prince has considerable capabilities in Structural Steel Fabrication. For over 50 years we have taken pride in assisting our customers with all manner of steel fabrications from bridges, catwalks and platforms to manufacturing a variety of structural support features.

With an array of specialty equipment designed specifically to process structural steel components, Prince is perfectly suited to efficiently and quickly produce any structural steel component our customers can draw up. Our capability to drill, saw, cope, roll and weld practically any size structural material is unparalleled, allowing us to take on even the largest of structural steel projects, customized to our customers needs.

  • Saw up to 42" beam
  • Roll up to W12x22 beam
  • Drill up to 2" hole in up to a 36" beam via CNC
  • Cope up to 44"x24" profile via CNC

These elements coupled with up to 30' of head room in our lower roll shop creates the perfect location for us to manufacture your next fabrication need, no matter the size. Our team of fabricators has decades of experience utilizing these tools and more to provide on time solutions for our customers' problems.

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