Prince has decades of experience in heavy plate fabrication. Specializing in fabrications requiring utilization of our array of equipment tailor made to handle thicker materials of construction in larger dimensions, we enjoy the challenge of using our experience and equipment to provide customer satisfaction through problem solutions.

From cutting steel parts up to 8'x40' (up to 100') 6" thick or more to shearing ¾" material or rolling up to 1.5" steel and forming 20' long material with our 1,000 ton press brake, we are perfectly suited to process the heaviest of plate materials.

We also offer three different ASME stamps for pressure vessels. Be it the 'R' stamp for repair, the 'S' stamp for fabrication of power boilers, power piping and ASME pressure retaining parts or the 'U' stamp for unfired pressure vessels (blowdown tanks, accumulators, hot water storage tanks, etc.). These certifications stand as a testament to our quality and expertise in fabrication and each stamp we place is done so with the pride of 50 years of Prince manufacturing.

As we move into a new era of manufacturing, we are beginning to accumulate more tools to assist us in meeting our customers needs. Be it our sub-arc welder to assist in consistent welding of thicker plate, our array of positioners that allow us to fabricate efficiently and effectively, we are here to provide you with the custom heavy plate fabrication we've built our reputation on for decades, servicing not just the middle Georgia area but the entire country.

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