Concept design of C-130J NP-2000 Propeller Maintenance & Storage Stands for the Montana Air National Guard, Great Falls, MT.

These Unified Defense stands are designed for the Collins Aerospace NP-2000 propeller system utilized on C-130H's or E-2 Hawkeye and will be universal to both airframes. This combination trailer and stand will be utilized for ground maintenance and storage of propellers.

Our initial part number is UD-MS-NP2000S.

Critical Details:

· Capable of storing 0-2 propellers, our design will ensure that the stand can be used for maintenance and moved without tipping.

·Design will be free of balance issues based on the load.

· Stand will hold two props vertically on opposing sides with the rear of both props facing the middle work platform.

· In addition, our stand will feature offset mounting and work areas as well as two access stairs, large enough for maintenance personnel holding tools and to allow for independent service of up to two NP-2000 propellers simultaneously and still independently.

· Our design will include stow away tables for holding tools and parts.

· Is movable by hand and with a tow bar with a Lunette ring.

·Our design will include a removable and safely stowable Tow Bar.

· Will have the ability to "lock" the entire stand into place to prevent uncontrolled/wanted movement.

· The Rear of the Props will be easily accessible for maintenance actions.

· Our work platform will be large enough for three maintenance personnel and will be rated according, triple safety factors.

· It will also feature a 3000lbs + total capacity to include both propellers.

· It will feature the ability to rotate the prop 360 degrees and be safely locked from spinning during maintenance.

· Safety railing to prevent a fall hazard and eliminate any need for fall arrest harnesses. Min 42 inches. Railing height kept to the shortest possible height.

· Our design will incorporate a safety gate system for both stairs to prevent falls.

· Propellers will be mounted as far inboard as possible to allow for maintenance while maintaining enough blade clearance to adequately, safely and without impediment, as well as to rotate the propeller with the blades at any pitch.

· The propellers will be approximately 9ft 4in to the prop mounting shaft from ground level. From our initial concept this will be high enough to allow for adequate clearance from the ground while not being overly lofty, making access to the front of the propeller while mounted difficult.

· Unified Defense will provide all manuals such as operation instructions, parts lists, and diagrams.

· Unified Defense will further provide any other data pertinent to the operation of the unit.

· Unified Defense will provide a commercial warranty.

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