Propeller Stands

These Unified Defense stands are designed for the Collins Aerospace NP-2000 propeller system utilized on C-130H’s or E-2 Hawkeye and will be universal to both airframes. This combination trailer and stand will be utilized for ground maintenance and storage of propellers.

Critical Details

Our design incorporates a stand capable of storing 0-2 propellers, ensuring easy maintenance and transport without the risk of tipping. By eliminating balance issues based on the load, the stand guarantees stability. It securely holds two props in a vertical position on opposing sides, with the rear of both props facing the central work platform. The stand features offset mounting and work areas, as well as two access stairs large enough to accommodate maintenance personnel and tools.

With the ability to independently service up to two NP-2000 propellers simultaneously, our design includes stowaway tables for holding tools and parts. The stand can be moved by hand or with a tow bar equipped with a Lunette ring, and we have incorporated a removable and safely stowable Tow Bar. To prevent unwanted movement, the stand can be locked into place. Easy accessibility for maintenance actions is ensured, particularly at the rear of the props. Our spacious work platform can accommodate three maintenance personnel, with a rating that incorporates triple safety factors. With a total capacity exceeding 3000 lbs, the stand can handle both propellers simultaneously. It allows for a 360-degree rotation of the prop and can be safely locked to prevent spinning during maintenance. Safety railing, with a minimum height of 42 inches, eliminates the need for fall arrest harnesses and reduces fall hazards.

Furthermore, our design includes a safety gate system for the stairs to prevent falls. The propellers are mounted as far inboard as possible, allowing for maintenance while maintaining sufficient blade clearance and the ability to rotate the propeller at any pitch. The height of the propellers from ground level to the prop mounting shaft is approximately 9 feet 4 inches, striking a balance between adequate clearance and ease of access to the front of the propeller. Unified Defense will provide comprehensive manuals, including operation instructions, parts lists, and diagrams, as well as any other relevant data for the unit’s operation. Additionally, a commercial warranty will be provided by Unified Defense.